It is important that you are dressed appropriately for classes to ensure comfort and safety and to allow teachers to help correct alignment and posture.

Classical Ballet

Class attire:

Pink ballet tights or ankle socks and leotard (figure hugging) plus soft pink leather or canvas full sole or split sole ballet shoes with elastic.

Exam attire:

Pre-Primary – pale pink or lavender leotard with matching full circle skirt, pink ballet socks and pink leather ballet shoes.

Primary – lavender leotard (skirt - will be provided for exam so not necessary to purchase for class but optional), pink ballet socks, pink leather ballet shoes with elastics

Gr 1-3 – lavender leotard, pink ballet tights, pink leather ballet shoes with ribbons

Gr 4 & 5 – navy blue leotard (any style), pink ballet tights, pink leather or canvas full sole or split sole ballet shoes with ribbons

Intermediate Foundation - Advanced 2 – navy or black leotard any style, pink ballet tights, pink satin demi-pointes and pink satin pointe shoes with ribbons.

Please also note that for Grades 1-5, students require character shoes (and skirt for girls), please refer to character requirements below.


Class attire:

Tan or black leather jazz shoes or ballet shoes, fitted leggings or bike pants, and singlet top or leotard.

Exam attire:

All That Dance black and white ¾ leggings and racer back fitted singlet top, black or tan jazz shoes with or without socks. Boys – plain black bike pants and fitted black or white t-shirt, black jazz or ballet shoes.


Class attire:

Aerobic or running shoes, with clothing that is not too restrictive (something that you would wear to gym) NO SCHOOL UNIFORMS.

Exam attire:

All That Dance racer back singlet top or similar with baggy black track-pants or leggings. Hip hop sneakers.

Yoga and Contemporary

Loose comfortable clothing, no shoes. Foot thongs are optional.


Tap shoes (low or Cuban heel) plus comfortable fitted clothing. NO SCHOOL UNIFORMS.

Boys – black lace up tap shoes.


Fitted leggings or bike pants, and fitted crop or singlet top. Boys should wear stretch shorts and T-shirt. No shoes.



We stock the ATD jazz uniform, as well as pink, lavender and navy RAD approved leotards. Also, pink and tan tights. Please note however, that limited sizes are stocked, and orders may take up to two weeks. For shoes we recommend Ditto Dancewear – Alderley, or Bloch – Emporium.

Please click here to complete a Uniform Request Form.


Character Requirements

For all RAD exams, Grade 1 - Grade 8, character work is part of the syllabus. To do this work, and to sit for an exam, the students need character shoes and a character skirt as well as ballet shoes.

Character shoes are black canvas (girls) with a slight heel (higher for Gr 3 onwards) and are available from Ditto Dancewear at Alderley, and Bloch at Emporium. Boys need only character shoes which are similar to a black lace up school shoe.

Character skirts are available from Ditto Dancewear at Alderley, and Bloch at Emporium with matching ribbon colours to leotard. 


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