Acrobats Arts Syllabus Classes

Kayla Wong

Written by mk

3 July 2021

Our acro classes at All That Dance are very popular, but it is important all students are in the correct level for ability to provide safe weekly classes so please follow the guidelines below and check with your teacher.



It is important to comply with level requirements for the AcroDance classes. These classes focus on flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling through appropriate progressions for age and ability. Students are encouraged, as with all classes, to work outside of lessons to see progress. All AcroDance classes require students to be comfortable stretching and doing various strength exercises, as well as being on the hands for the majority of the lessons. Teachers will progress students to the next level when they feel the student is ready.

Junior tumbling (5-9yrs) – working towards a good cartwheel and forward roll, working towards splits, and a backbend bridge from sitting.

Prep AcroDance (8yrs and above) – a good cartwheel, neat forward roll, splits and a backbend bridge from sitting or standing.

Intermediate AcroDance – cartwheels on both sides, handstand forward roll, confident headstand, front or back walkover, backbend bridge from standing, splits front or side. This is split into two level Inter A and Inter B – Inter A is slightly more advanced.

Advanced AcroDance – cartwheels on both sides and one-handed, front and backwards walkovers and variations, splits (right, left and side), confident bridge work, chest roll and stand, head stand.

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