Please note: 2019 fees have increased by $10 per term (approximately $1 per week) due to costs associated with the new studio 

The fee structure for All That Dance is based on a rate per term, with the year comprising 4 terms of approximately 10 weeks each.

CategoryLessons per Week

40 min class


$262       (10%discount)

45 min class $160 $280 (10%discount) $392.50 (15%discount) $460 (25%discount)    
1 hr class $170 $298 (10%discount) $423 (15%discount) $490 (25%discount) $570 (30%discount) $634 (35%discount)
Acrobatics - Junior $170.00
Acrobatics - Inter. $180.00
Acrobatics - Advanced $190.00

The above fees are inclusive of GST.

Fees are payable within the first 2 weeks of term. In addition to the dancing fees, there is an administration charge of $20 per term, but this is waived if fees are paid by the invoice due date.

Classes are invoiced under a sliding scale (commencing at a 10% discount for 2 classes per week), excluding Acrobatics, which is invoiced separately.

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