Terms & Conditions

 Important terms and conditions to help us ensure the best possible service.

Fee policy

Invoices are emailed within the first week of each term, and are payable by the due date (approximately 10 days from invoice date). No refunds will be made once lessons have begun unless for medical reasons. Classes are held on all public holidays and pupil free days unless otherwise advised.

Class uniform policy

Whilst exam uniforms are not required to be worn at all classes, it is strongly advised that students wear exam standard attire to class or similar. Hair is to be neatly groomed and secured off the face. Minimal jewelry should be worn to classes.

Examinations and Medal Tests

All syllabus Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop classes are taught with the intention that students sit examinations in July/August each year. Whilst strongly encouraged, exams are not compulsory. A student’s appropriateness to sit an exam (or, in Jazz and Hip Hop, a Medal Test) will be decided by the teacher and, in Term 2, a note will go out to those students invited to sit their exam. Examination fees are additional to term fees.

Class attendance

Regular class attendance is vital for students to keep abreast of their syllabus work. Students must be punctual to classes to ensure they receive a complete warm-up.

Teaching technique

Dance teaching requires physical contact with students to ensure correct technical placement and our teachers are directed to teach in this manner.

Class observation

Observers may view classes quietly through the viewing windows. To ensure optimum tuition with minimal distractions, we do not allow parents to watch from inside the studios. Primarily for younger classes, there may be a ‘viewing class’ at the end of a term where parents are invited to view class and see the progress made by students. This will be advised by the class teacher. We do ask that young children do not attend ‘viewing class’ as this is often distracting to students and teachers however we welcome all older siblings and family members.

Private lessons

In the ‘lead-up’ to examinations, private lessons are available to students from their respective teachers and can be booked at the studio. Please talk with your teacher regarding pricing and availability.


The school dancewear shop stocks most uniform requirements. Please see the website for hours. Those wishing to sell second-hand attire should bag up items and clearly mark them with name, contact number and price desired. The shop will deduct 10% of the price paid and the other 90% will be given to the seller. You may also use the noticeboard outside Studio 2 to advertise garments.

Newsletters & noticeboard

It is the responsibility of parents and students to read newsletters which are distributed via email and are also on the website.

Performance & costume policies

A highlight of our dance calendar is our End of Year Concert. The concert is optional however, once committed, students are required to participate in all three of the performance nights (Thurs, Fri, Sat in late Nov/early Dec). There is extra commitment required for the show with one Sunday dress rehearsal 1pm-5pm, in the lead-up to the show weekend (late November).

A non-refundable costume deposit is applicable ($45 per student/per class). This is charged in term 3 and enables All That Dance to purchase costumes for the show. The balance is then payable in Term 4 (we do our best to keep costume prices to a minimum, between $50 and $75). As costumes are ordered from catalogues, they may require slight adjustments to fit nicely. We are more than happy to provide details of reasonably priced, local and expert dressmakers to assist with this.

Remember, participation in the performance is optional (but loads of fun!) and students are still able to attend classes until the end of Term 4 regardless of concert participation.

Health, safety and medical policies

All That Dance aims to provide a safe environment to reduce the risk of injury. It is the responsibility of the student, parents/guardians to notify the teacher in the event of an injury or medial condition prior to class. All That Dance students are under supervision whilst in class time only. Teachers and staff are not responsible for students outside their allocated class time. For safety reasons, students must be collected from the waiting area in front of Studio 2. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their student does not wait outside the building.

Fire safety

In the event of a fire, students are to follow their teacher’s instructions and walk to assemble in front of the building.


All That Dance strives to maintain a friendly environment for learning. We ask that any concerns are to be directed to the Principal.

Use of image

Images or video of students may be used for marketing purposes.