2013 Concert Information

Dear Parents & Students,

Please note the FULL DRESS REHEARSAL at the Schonell Theatre on Sunday 24th November which begins at 1.00pm sharp and finishes at 5.00pm. Students in Senior Performers, and Matilda the Musical should arrive not later than 12.45pm. Any students not in the second half of the concert will be finished by 3pm. Students only in the second half may arrive @ 2.45pm, and Tiny Tots, Teeny Tappers and students under 6yrs will be finished by 2.15pm.  All students may be collected from the dressing rooms when they are finished.


Once again, students may sit in the auditorium; however, theatre policy does not allow any parents in the auditorium for this rehearsal. This rehearsal is VERY IMPORTANT as it is the time students will get to know the size of the stage, entrances, props, curtains etc. and FULL COSTUME is required with hair done properly.  No make-up is necessary for this dress rehearsal.

The three performances on Thursday 28th, Friday 29th& Saturday 30th Nov will begin at 7.00pm – students should be in the dressing rooms (look for signs for your group) by 6.30pm.  All junior students under 8years (except Junior  acro) will be finished by around 8.20pm, and can be collected from the dressing rooms. Please be aware that as we did last year, all students are required to be signed in and out at dress rehearsal and each night of the concert.

Make-Up – Try to arrive at the theatre with your hair and make-up done for your first item. Stage make-up for all girls is required – a good foundation, a strong red lipstick, blueish eye shadow with blush and mascara.

SEATING – The doors will be monitored for the duration of the performance. Should your daughter/son who is performing wish to join you in the auditorium to watch the remainder of the performance, please ensure they have their ticket with them, as nobody will be allowed to enter the auditorium without a ticket.

Please Note: For the consideration of patrons and performers, please ensure that upon commencement of the performance you remain seated at all times.  Should you take it upon yourself to leave during the performance, you WILL NOT be allowed to re-enter until appropriate pauses during items.

Parking facilities at the Schonell Theatre – 0.60 cents per hour until 9.00pm Thursday & Friday – no charge after 9.00pm & no charge on Saturday Night.


There is a volunteer roster outside Studio 2 that could do with a few more names on it.  If you are available to help out backstage or assist in the dressing rooms at the concert, we would appreciate helpers to ensure the students remain in a safe and secure environment.  We are also after helpers with the sign in and out roster at the theatre.  Mums or Dads???


If you have not yet purchased tickets you will need to do so online via allthatdance.com.au before the performances.  There are still a limited number of seats available.  Please note tickets will not be sold at the door.

Please remember that all seats must be paid for (even performers), and as in the past, students are able to watch if they are not in both halves of the show. Please note however, that on the night/s that you are not watching, students may be collected from the dressing rooms after they perform and need not stay until the end of the show if they are not performing in the second half. Also, there are no refunds or exchanges once tickets have been purchased.


This year’s break-up party will be held at The Gap State Primary School on Sunday 1st Dec from 10am-12.30pm.  If you are not familiar with the break-up party, please come along.  We have plenty of games, prizes, food, drinks, sweets and ice blocks and well as awards for many students to hand out.


A huge amount of lost property is in the waiting room and will stay there until Monday 1st December, when it will have to go to Lifeline, so please check for any of your belongings.


Please note that normal lessons will not be held during the week of the concert.  Rehearsal times and dates for lessons at the Schonell on Monday and Tuesday 25th and 26th of November have been emailed.  If you are unsure of these times, the note is also on studio noticeboards.


This year Professional Photographer Sean Young will be taking photos of any students who would like photos in costume for themselves or perhaps as Christmas gifts for family and friends.  Sean did photos last year and did a fantastic job.  This year however we would like to allocate approx times as follows,  and we are setting a maximum of 4 poses per costume:-

3.15-4.30pm – Junior students under 12yrs

4.30-5.45pm – Intermediate students 12-16yrs

5.45-end – Snr students

Anyone wishing to have these photos taken, either solo or in small groups with friends can come along after school and can use the Studio 2 as a change room if wanting a few shots in different costumes.

Sean will have the prints available on his website – www.sycstudios.com


As noted previously,  you can place a DVD order of “A Little Party” – ATD 2013 Concert, by sending in a cheque or receipt from online payment to teachers before break up on 1st Dec.  2013 DVD’s are a double set for $40.


Thankyou for your co-operation and support during this very busy time of year.

Lynelle, Anita and staff.

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