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Term dates:

Term 1: Sat 1st Feb - Fri 3rd April

Term 2: Mon 20th April - Sat 27th June

Term 3: Mon 13th July - Sat 19th Sep

Term 4: Sat 3rd Oct - Sat 28th Nov


Studio 1 Studio 2
3.30-4.30pm Gr 3 Ballet (1 lesson per week) 3.30-4.30pm Primary 2 Ballet (1 lesson per week, 7-8yrs prev Primary Ballet))
4.30-5.30pm Elem 2 Jazz (prev Elem 1) 4.30-5.30pm Level 3 Contemporary (8-10yrs)
5.30-6.30pm Intermediate Ballet (prev Gr 5 - 2 lessons per week) 5.30-6.30pm Gr 5 Ballet (2lessons per week)
 6.30-8.00pm  Snr Performers 6.30-8.00pm Sub Snr Performers (15 yrs & under)
8.00-9.00pm Snr/Adv RAD Repertoire Ballet  8.00-9.00pm  
Studio 1 Studio 2


 Pre-School Acro - 4-5yrs NEW
3.30-4.30pm Gr 2 Ballet (1 lesson per week - prev Gr 1) 3.30-4.15pm Jnr Tumbling (5-9yrs) Lev1 AcroArts
4.30-5.30pm Gr 5 Ballet (2 lessons per week) 4.15-5.15pm Jnr 3 jazz 9-10yrs (students who did NOT sit Jnr 3 Jazz exam in 2019)
5.30 6.15pm Jnr 3 Tap (10-12yrs prev Jnr 2) 5.15-6.15pm Lev 8 Contemporary (Prev level 7)
6.15-7.15pm Snr Adv Tap 6.00-7.00pm STUDIO 3  SNR/ADV SONG AND DANCE (YR 8 AT SCHOOL AND ABOVE)

Snr/Adv RAD Repertoire Ballet

 6.15-7.15pm RAD Level 2 Repertoire Ballet (prev Inter Fdn)
8.15-9.15pm   Snr Adv Jazz  7.15-8.15pm  Intermediate 1 Jazz (prev Elem 3)
Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
3.30-4.15pm Level 2 Hip Hop (8-10yrs) 3.15- 4.15pm NEW FOR 2020 - READY,SET,DANCE - as seen on Nickelodeon Jnr - 4-5yrs jazz/tap/hip hop  3.30-4.15pm Junior Song and Dance (8yrs and under) 
4.15-5.15pm Gr 4 Ballet (2 lessons per week) 4.15-5.15pm

Primary 1 Ballet (6-7yrs, 1 lesson per week)

4.15-5.15pm Intermediate Song and Dance (8-12yrs)
5.15-6.15pm Level 4 Hip Hop (10-12yrs prev level 3) 5.15-6.15pm Level 5/6 Contemporary (prev level 5 - 2nd year, 11-12yrs)   SNR/ADV NOW ON TUESDAYS AS ABOVE
6.15-7.15pm Lev 6 Hiphop 12-14yrs 6.15-7.15pm Lev 6 Encore Musical Theatre (11-13yrs)    



Level 7 Contemporary (prev level 6)


Senior Contemporary



Level 9 Contemporary (prev level 8)


Studio 1 Studio 2

Gr 4 Ballet (2 lessons per week)


Level 3 Encore Musical Theatre ( 9-10yrs)

4.15-5.15pm Elem 2 Tap (prev Elem 1) 4.15-5.15pm Level 4 Contemporary (10-11yrs prev level 3)
5.15-6.30pm Kidz on Stage (12yrs & under Performance Group by invitation only) 5.15-6.30pm Jnr Starz (10yrs & under Performance Group by invitation only)
6.30-7.30pm Open Pointe 6.30-7.30pm Inter 2 Jazz (prev Inter 1)
7.30-8.30pm RAD Level 2 Repertoire Ballet (prev Inter Fdn)  7.30-8.30pm  Snr Adv Hip Hop
Studio 1 Studio 2
3.30-4.30pm Elem 1 Jazz (if passed Jnr 3 jazz exam in 2019) 3.30-4.00pm Level 1 Encore Musical Theatre Class for 6-8yrs
4.30-5.30pm Intermediate Ballet (prev Gr 5 Ballet - 2 lessons per week) 4.00-4.45pm Jnr 2 Jazz (8-10yrs)
5.30-6.30pm Inter B Acro (Lev 3 AcroArts) 4.45-5.30pm

Jnr 2 Tap (8-10yrs, previous Jnr 1)

    5.30-6.30pm Elem 3 Jazz
Studio 1 Studio 2
9.00-10.00am Lev 4 Encore Musical Theatre (10-12yrs if passed Lev 3 in 2019)


NEW FOR 2020 - READY, SET,DANCE as seen on Nickelodeon Jnr -3-5yr Pre-school Dance - (Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop)
10.00-11.00am Prep Acro (Level 2 Acro Arts 8-12yrs)


Primary Jazz (5-7yrs) 
11.00-12.15pm  Intermediate A Acro (Lev 4 AcroArts) 9.45-10.30am Foundation Hip HOp (6-8yrs)
 12.15-1.45pm Advanced Acro (Lev 5 AcroArts)  




 Jun 1 Jazz (7-8yrs)


Jun 1 And Primary Tap (6-8yrs)