2022 Timetable

(Proposed Only; Subject To Change)


Term dates:

Term 1: Sat 29th Jan – Fri 1st April

Term 2: Mon 18th April – Sat 25th June

Term 3: Mon 11th July – Sat 17th Sep

Term 4: Mon 3rd Oct – EOY Concert TBC



Studio 1 Studio 2
3.30-4.30pm      Gr 4 Ballet (2 lessons per week) 3.30-4.30pm      Prep Acro (level 2) 7yrs+ (skill based)
4.30-5.30pm      Elem 2 Jazz (prev Elem 1) 4.30-5.30pm      Elem 3 Jazz
5.30-6.30pm      Inter 1 Ballet (prev Gr 5) 5.30-6.30pm      Level 8 Contemporary (prev Level 7)
6.30-7.30pm      Adv Open Pointe (prev Open Pte) 6.30-7.30pm      Level 6 Musical Theatre (prev Lev 5)

7.30-8.30pm      Inter 2 Ballet (prev Inter 1 and Level 3                                RAD Repertoire Ballet)







Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
3.30-4.30pm      Gr 2 Ballet (prev  Gr 1) 3.30-4.15pm      Jnr 1/2 Tap 8-10yrs (prev Jnr 2 tap)
4.30-5.30pm       Elem 2 Tap (prev Elem 1) 4.15-5.00pm      Jnr 2 Jazz 8-10yr (prev Jnr 1 jazz) 4.30-5.30pm Intermediate Song and Dance (8-12yrs)
5.30-6.30pm      Gr 5 Ballet (prev Gr 4 – 2 lessons per week) 5.00-5.45pm      Gr 4 Ballet (2nd lesson per week -prev Gr 3)
6.30-7.15pm      Beg Open Pointe (Gr 5 Ballet – optional11yrs &over) 5.45-7.15pm      Sub-Snr Perf (15yr and under Eisteddfod -invite only)
7.15-8.15pm      Snr/Adv Open Ballet class 7.15-8.15pm      Level 9 Contemp (prev level 8)
8.15-9.15pm      Snr Open Jazz (prev Snr jazz plus Inter 3 jazz)





Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
3.30-4.15pm      Jnr 1 Jazz (prev Prim jazz 6-8yrs) 3.15-4.15pm      READY SET DANCE (3-5yr jazz/hip hop, tap, singing)
4.15-5.00pm      Jnr 3 Tap (9-11yrs) 4.15-5.00pm      Jnr Tumbling (level 1 acro for 5-8yrs beginners) 4.15-5pm jnr Song and Dance 5-8yrs
5.00-6.00pm       Level 5 Contemp (prev level 4 Wed, 9-11yrs) 5.00-6.00pm      Level 6 Contemp (prev level 5 Friday) 5.00-6.00pm  Snr Song and 
Dance A 12yrs and over
6.00-7.00pm      Gr 5 Ballet (2 lessons per week required) 6.00-7.00pm      Inter 1 Ballet (prev Gr 5 Ballet) 6.00-7.00pm     Snr Song and Dance  B 12yrs and over
7.00-8.00pm      Level 6 hip hop (12-14yrs) 7.00-8.00pm      Inter 2 Ballet (prev Inter 1 and RAD Lev 3 Rep class)     Adv Open Hip Hop





Studio 1 Studio 2
3.20-4.15pm      Gr 1 Ballet -8-9yrs(prev Prim 2 Mon) 3.20-4.15pm      Prim 2 Ballet 7-8yrs(prev Prim 1 Tues)
4.15-5.15pm      Elem 1 Tap (prev Jnr 3)  10-13yrs 4.15-5.15pm      Jnr 3 Jazz 8-10yrs (prev Jnr 2)
5.15-6.30pm      Kidz on Stage (12yrs & under Performance Group by invitation only) 5.15-6.30pm      Jnr Starz (10yrs & under Performance Group by invitation only)
6.30-7.30pm      Snr Open Tap  6.30-7.30pm      Inter 3 Jazz (prev inter 1 and 2 class)
7.30-8.30pm      Inter 1 Jazz (prev Elem 3 Fri)

7.30-8.30pm      Snr Adv Contemporary

8.30-9.30pm      Snr Performers Eist class Open Age





Studio 2 Studio 1
3.30-4.30pm      Level 5 Musical Theatre (prev Lev 4 Sat), 10-13yrs 3.20-4.15pm     Prim 1 Ballet (beginners 5-7yrs)
4.30-5.30pm      Elem 1 Jazz (prev Jnr 3)  10-12yrs 4.15-5.15pm     Inter B Acro (level 3) skill based age guideline 8-12yrs      
5.30-6.30pm      Level 3 Hip Hop (prev level 2) 9-11yrs 5.15-6.45pm      Advanced Acro (level 5/6) skill based





Studio 2 Studio 1
9.00-10.00am         READY, SET,DANCE as seen on Nickelodeon Jnr -2-5yrs – (Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop/singing) 9.15-10.00am         Level 1 beg hip hop (6-8yrs)
10.00-10.45am       Primary Jazz 5-7yrs 10.00-10.45am      Level 3 Contemporary 7-9yrs
10.45-11.30am      Primary Tap 5-7yrs 10.45-11.30am      Level 3 Musical Theatre 8-10yrs (prev level 2)
11.30-12.30pm      Level 4 Contemp (prev level 3 Mon) 11.30-12.15pm       Jnr Tumbling (level 1 acro 5-8yrs)
12.15-1.30pm         Inter A Acro (level 4/5) skill based age guideline 9-14yrs